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5K Walk/Run Events

Goal: $3,430,000

The national MMRF 5K Walk/Run program brings patients, caregivers, philanthropists, and the medical community together to raise critically needed funds and awareness for myeloma awareness. Since inception in 2001, the program has raised over $31 million to support the MMRF mission. 


Join nearly 30,000 participants in seventeen cities across the country as they take action in the fight against multiple myeloma! 

Teams and Walkers

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5k Walk/RUn EventS


* means CITY is still in the permitting stages and the date displayed is NOT confirmed yet

June 13, 2020*
September 13, 2020*
September 20, 2020*
September 27, 2020*
October 4, 2020*
October 17, 2020*
October 24, 2020*
November 2020*
Fall 2020*
Fall 2020*