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Thanks for reading my story!

Cali Ralston

Cali Ralston

Hi, my name is Cali Ralston and I am six years old. I am on team True Believers. You ask why, well my dad is the one who has multiple myeloma. That's why. Multiple myeloma is a bad sickness. Daddy is Adam. That's his real name.

Last year, we raised over $20,000 and were one of the top fundraising teams, and I was amazed. I helped raise money by telling my friends, family, and teachers. I also donated my allowance to our team. I also had a lemonade stand, it was amazing. We had cookies, water, lemonade, and iced tea. My family and best friends helped us. I am planning on another lemonade stand in the Spring.

The money we raise will help scientists find a cure for multiple myeloma. We need to find that cure so that people who have the disease will not need to try lots of medicine. I want a cure for daddy.

You ask, how can you help? There are lots of ways. You can join the team and walk with us, or run. You can also make a donation on my page. You can also, maybe if you want to, come visit my next lemonade stand. You could also share this information with your friends and family.

Thank you for visiting this page and reading my story. If you want to learn more about my family, check out our team page.

Cali Ralston



raised of $2,233 goal



1. JJohn & Julia
For the lemonade stand
2. KSKatherine Sielski-Kayes
Hi Cali, We feel like we know you because your Auntie Katie talks about you all the time. We love Aunt Katie so we love your whole family also. We are praying for your Daddy. Michael and Kathy
3. SAShannon Albert
Hi Cali! I am also from your Aunt Katie’s school! She tells us about your wonderful family! I am sorry your dad is sick. It is awesome that you are helping him and lots of other people!
4. Allison Swartz
See you Sunday!! I would like to enter Amazon raffle.
5. NWNicole Williams
Great Job on your website Cali! I am a teacher with your Aunty Katie! She tells us stories all the much so, that you all feel like family! She will have to let us know when you have your lemonade stand sale....and bring you into school when you visit next:) Lots of loving prayers for you all!
6. KKelly & Dave

Team True Believers


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