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Jeff's Juggernauts Final Race

Karen Orzechowski

Karen Orzechowski

Dear Friends,

Anyone who knows me knows how much the MMRF has meant to me and my family. Not only have they provided invaluable research and countless new treatments for multiple myeloma - tripling patient survival rates - but they have personally supported our Dad and our family for the past 15 years. They also connected us with new friends (and fellow fighters) that have become family since Dad got diagnosed in 2004.

Mom, Susan, and I will ALWAYS support the MMRF. For now, please join us one last time in Boston on April 28th as we celebrate and remember our Dad. He would be so proud of everything we have accomplished, and he would be incredibly grateful to all of you for your friendship and generosity.

With love and thanks,

PS. Check out Jeff's Juggernauts in the below video 19 seconds in!



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1. KWKen Wang
Sorry one day late!...
2. LALorraine Allen
3. ESEric Sicular
4. PSPamela Sohn
Pamela and Adam Sohn
5. JMJosephine And Eric Mogelof
6. SFSusan Fahmy
Congratulations on all of your contributions over these many years. Amazing progress has been made since that first walk 16 years ago.

Team Jeff's Juggernauts


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