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Welcome to Team Nana!!

Team Nana

Team Nana

When I was 9 years old my Nana was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I was too young to understand what those big words meant but I knew that Nana was sick and that she was going to have to fight to get better. I remember my mom being really worried but she promised my brothers and me that Nana would some how get better. I don’t really know if my mom knew much about this type of cancer either but she made us believe that it would be ok. Shortly after Nana’s initial diagnosis, my mom organized a small group to walk in the 2009 MMRF 5K, the original “Team Nana” Truth be told, it was really our family that needed to learn more about this rare cancer and it was us that needed to be surrounded with the love and support that this event provides. We learned that we weren’t alone, that there was so many others fighting this illness and that we, as a family, could help raise awareness and much needed money in search of a cure. In January of 2010, my Nana received a life saving stem cell transplant. This was such a difficult journey for her. She spent 3 weeks at Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital in Boston where she received loads of chemotherapy, lots of medicine and an eventual transplant of her own harvested cells. From here, her new life would begin. Her recovery was very slow but within a few months, Nana’s hair started to return, her energy started to increase and before long she was walking her dog daily and she returned to the sidelines of all of mine and my brothers football, basketball and baseball games. She is my inspiration and as she remains in remission, her fight continues, as there is no known cure yet for Multiple Myeloma. Join me and walk along side NANA so that hopefully one-day a cure can be found for the disease.



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