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Alana's Shleppers

Alana's Shleppers

Join my Team! The MMRF is removing obstacles faster and extending lives. But we need your help.

My MMRF Story:

Most people say that I’m the healthiest sick person you will ever meet. In 1999 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. When looking into treatment options, a transfusion was the first step in prolonging my life. There was a 25% chance that my immediate family would be a perfect match. Luckily, my sister was a match. Prior to having the transfusion, she had to get a comprehensive physical done to make sure she was in tip-top shape. However, she had been a smoker for quite some time. In her chest x-ray, a mass was found…it was lung cancer. The good news though is that it was stage 1. She had a 1/3 of her lung removed and has been cancer-free (and smoke-free) ever since. One good thing about my cancer is that it cured my sister’s.

Shortly after, we found an amazing donor and the transfusion was a success. I was in remission for over a decade. But, of course, cancer had to rear its ugly face once more. I’m going 20 years strong with having this cancer and no intention of giving up this fight. Perhaps next year will be my lucky year and the cure is finally found. However, this can’t happen without your help so I invite you to join and/or donate to my team.

Your donation will have a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of patients and their families! The MMRF is bringing treatments to trial 60 percent faster than the industry standard and tripling life expectancy. THIS IS SCIENCE, NOT FICTION. The MMRF needs your support. History is being made, so I invite you to join us.

Thank You!

* Did you know you can double your impact in seconds? Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Find out if your employer offers this benefit! Visit the MMRF Matching Gifts website ( or ask your Human Resources Department!


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