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Welcome to Team mustache honoring Harlan

Team Mustache

Team Mustache

Dear Family and Friends,

The Pollock family (Team Mustache) is looking forward to participating at the MMRF Team for Cures: at Fair Park a 5K Walk/Run on April 15.! This organization and this inspiring
event are very important to me.

As a Multiple Myeloma patient, having been diagnosed a year ago, and treated with a combination of drugs researched by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This treatment produced an impressive response and has lead to my current remission status.

I am so grateful to the MMRF for their tireless efforts on behalf of myeloma patients everywhere. The MMRF's urgent and revolutionary work with researchers, clinicians, and partners in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries has sparked new hope for patients and dramatically changed the treatment landscape. Their work has helped nearly triple patient survival, deliver ten FDA-approved treatments in 10 years, and bring 27 new possible treatments into clinical trials.

I have received support from family and friends, many of whom will be walking and running with me in a few weeks.

I have committed to raise funds, which will support the work that they are doing so that one day, there will be a cure. If you have not yet contributed, I hope you will consider making a secure, tax-deductible donation to my efforts. Click on the following link to reach my fundraising page: link With your help, I know I will be able to reach my fundraising goal of $7000. We have raised over $5000 already.

Thanks for your moral support and if possible your financial support of MMRF, my new favorite cause!!!!




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