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Inaugural MMRF 5K Walk/Run: Houston


 Updated June 1st: Due to COVID-19 we have postponed our Houston 5K Walk/Run Event until 2021. The safety of our patients and caregivers is of the utmost important to us.  We hope you can join us virtually in any of our other Fall 5K Walk/Runs.  Click HERE to see a full list.

If you have already registered please contact us at and we will roll your registration over to any existing virtual 5K Walk/Run of your choosing. 


The national MMRF 5K Walk/Run program brings patients, caregivers, philanthropists, and the medical community together to raise critically needed funds and awareness for myeloma awareness. Since inception in 2001, the program has raised over $31 million to support the MMRF mission. 

Goal: $50,000

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Teams and Walkers

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Why We Participate
  • Run for Randy Los Angeles
  • Multiple MyeLlamas Philadelphia
  • Dana Turasky Chicago

    Dana and her sister Courtney participated and fundraised in the Chicago 5K to honor their mom who has been living with myeloma for 17 years. The sisters are motivated to fundraise because they have seen first hand what research and clinical trials can do. "The more research that's done gets us that much closer to a cure. I want so much for my mom to have a chance to be cancer free again. She's fighting, and we're racing for a cure." - Dana

About the MMRF Team for Cures 5K Walk/Run Program

The MMRF is laser focused on accelerating better, more precise treatments and to find a cure for every patient. 

By joining the MMRF Team for Cures you are taking action in the fight against multiple myeloma, which is the second most common blood cancer. 


Participate in the MMRF Team for Cures Houston 5K and join thousands of others who are helping the MMRF to bring smarter, faster cures to every patient. 

Your Participation Truly Makes a Difference 

Funds raised through past events has enabled the MMRF to:


While the MMRF has made enormous progress, we still have much urgent research to do and cannot continue without your support. Please join us to fight multiple myeloma and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and their families!


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