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Rally for Richard!

Megan Fedora

Megan Fedora

Multiple Myeloma is two words that in a blink of an eye drastically changed my life. January 2019 my dad rushed to the hospital with what he thought was a pulled muscle only to find out his world would be turned upside down when the doctors told him that he had cancerous lesions on his spine. He went to the hospital for answers, and ended up with even more questions. Where did this cancer originally start? Am i going to be okay? Where do we go from here? Answers take time, so while we all waited the Fedora family spent our second favorite day of the year (The AFC championship game) all crammed into one hospital room because we couldn't leave my dads side. We watched our beloved patriots win on a 4 by 4 screen and i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Life is short and it will slap you in the face, just like it did to Kansas Chiefs that night but like the Patriots we had to start preparing for our next match up. Our match up was just cancer and we are still fighting but we will win just like our Patriots did. My dad has been going through intense Chemo since the beginning of February and our journey is only starting. At the end of July my father will be moving to Boston to start harvesting because he will need to receive a stem cell transplant. This will be a month and half away in Boston and he will be staying at Dana Farber. This treatment is intense. I am here asking for you to donate to this cause, I am sitting here asking you to take a day out of your time to spend with me supporting my father. There isn't anything more in this world that i would love to do then surprise my father with the news that i am raising money for a cause that is so incredibly important to the main guy in my life. My goal is to raise money and surprise my father with the news of this money while he is away having the stem cell transplant in Boston. I need to show my dad that there is light at the tunnel, I need my dad to know how much i love him and that i will not give up the hope that one day there will be a cure. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please take the time to donate, even if you cannot make the race!


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